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Deeply Cultivating Safety Culture and Building the Foundation for Development|Five Subsidiaries of Conch Cement Honored as "2022 National Model Enterprises for Safety Culture Construction"

Time:2023-04-20 19:37


Recently, the China Association of Work Safety released the list of "2022 National Model Enterprises for Safety Culture Construction". Five subsidiaries of Conch Cement, including Anhui Suzhou Conch Cement Co., Ltd., Fujian Jianyang Conch Cement Co., Ltd., Hunan Lianyuan Conch Cement Co., Ltd., Xingye Kuiyang Conch Cement Co., Ltd., and Zhongxi Jinlinghe Cement Co., Ltd., were honored with this award.

The "National Model Enterprise for Safety Culture Construction" is sponsored by the China Association of Work Safety, which organizes an evaluation and selection process based on recommendations from Emergency Management Departments of various provinces and autonomous regions yearly. The whole process includes six stages: preliminary review, expert review, on-site (video) inspection, final review, public announcement, and awarding. In the year of 2022, a total of 110 model enterprises were awarded, which belong to various industries, such as power and energy, cement and building materials, and engineering construction industry. Being awarded is a high recognition of the enterprise's safety management system, safety production performance, and safety culture construction.

In many years’ development, Conch Cement has always taken the great importance on work safety and integrated both development and safety. The company has established the principles of putting safety first, giving priority to prevention, and implementing comprehensive governance, improved its safety system, strengthened safety responsibilities, enhanced safety training, increased safety input, and focused on identifying and rectifying hidden hazards. This has led to a continuous and stable improvement in safety production. At the same time, the company has attached great importance to safety culture construction as an important way of promoting safety. It has conducted a series of activities such as "reporting safety hazards at any time” activity, making safety warranty, making safety speeches by the general manager, safety knowledge contests, and safety production open day for employee dependents. These activities have consolidated and deepened the concept that "safety is the foundation of enterprise development and the source of employee happiness."